Russian Daoyin Association

Russian Daoyin Association was established in 2008 after training at the Beijing Sports University.

President of the Association Daoin - Butrimov Vladimir.
Secretary of the Association Daoin - Pogotova Zhanna.


                                         The purpose of the Russian Daoyin Association:

1) dissemination of knowledge about the psycho-energetic practice qigong as an alternative method of recovery,

2) the union of people involved in health and fitness Qigong in Russia

3) contact and study at Beijing University "Sports" at the Department of Daoyin Yangsheng Gong

4) contacts with the European Federation of Daoyin yangsheng gong,

5) training workshops in Russia and abroad,

6) the distribution of DVD movies and instructional materials with a detailed explanation of a complex of medical qigong

7) help chronically ill people in the choice of therapeutic complexes Qigong,

8) propaganda of healthy way of life among the Russians.